Find out how to download the Teds Woodworking pdf

Recently, I decided to take up woodworking, this led me to Teds Woodworking where you can get over 16,000 woodworking plans for one low price. Not being sure of what I wanted to make yet, the sheer number of plans meant I could take my time to look through them and decide what most excited me, before I started any project. Here is my review of what I found at this website. Hopefully it will help decide if you want to go ahead and purchase.

After paying the fee, you are able to access the membership area instantly, so you can download any plan you want without having to wait. This way, if you really are itching to get started immediately, you can do just that. You can also choose to pay more and get the dvd version in the mail. This is the option you want to take if you would like to save time on downloading, some of the files are very large, and it may take up to 15 minutes to download them.

There really is a plan for almost everything you could want to build, and since there are multiple plans of each project it makes it easy to pick the one that will be exactly right for you. If you cannot find something with the measurements you need, then there is the CAD file viewer. The CAD viewer is my favorite tool, from this program you can change dimensions, make notes, design your own projects and have blueprints to work from.

Each project starts with a materials list so you will know exactly what you need to get before you begin and have no surprises that will send you running to the hardware store in the middle. The blueprints are in a handy pdf file so you can print them out if you need. Each blueprint shows an exploded view of the project and makes it easy to follow along with the step by step instructions. There are plans ranging the entire spectrum from beginner to advanced, but you do have to go through them yourself to figure out the skill level of each plan as they are not marked that way.

There is a video section with over 150 videos where you can watch other people making items if you need to see how it is done. Also, you can email Ted with any questions, and he will get back to you with personal help. This is something that could really get you through the rough patches.

The bonus section includes lots of do it yourself tips including how to choose the wood you want to use, guides to sandpaper, what types of glue to use, and many more. There are even sections on home repair, and how to make an organic garden!

Overall, this is a very good deal for the money, 16,000 plans alone make it worth it, and that is before you add all the extra help, software, and tips.